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Access to real-time report cards and daily progress monitoring of student's achievement that can be shared with parents


Student data and the classroom account syncs across multiple iPads


RTI tool for struggling students and a great resource for ESL learners


Program responds to the individual student's learning level and pace


Teacher's Controls allow teachers to guide students to activities that focus on specific skills


Curriculum is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards. CCSS

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Agnitus aligns beautifully with the common core. Easy to use and intuitive for students, Agnitus has proven to accelerate learning through their adaptive learning games. Agnitus has more demonstrated engagement from English learners to those students who are above grade level. We trust Agnitus in our blended learning classrooms to help teachers differentiate and offer a more personalized instruction to every student.

Milpitas Unified School District


I have been a Special Education Teacher for the past fifteen years. One of the difficulties in my field is to show Adequate Yearly Progress for my students and to communicate frequently, more in writing, with my parents. Agnitus provides me with timelines and details that break down a child's activities into each of the individual skill categories. Then, it allows me to send that data to the child's parents regularly! Having this kind of data helps us to support each other's efforts in educating their child. Better yet, many of the "games" that my students are begging me to "play" are covering skills that are included in our Common Core State Standards! At the end of the grading period, I hit print, forward the email reports to parents and administrators, and I'm done!

Mrs. Susan Dickey
Imperial, MO
Special Education


As a Transitional Kindergarten teacher, I have found that Agnitus has helped me differentiate my instruction with my students. I am able to teach a small group of students while the rest of my students more are learning and practicing a variety of Math and Language Arts concepts on Agnitus. I have found that this app is engaging while being educational at the same time. Everyday my students cannot wait to play Icky!

Ms. Wendy Lundeen
Milpitas, CA
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher


I work with a young student who came to us from Mexico at the end of last school year. This child spoke little to no English and had no English-speaking influence at home. From what we understand more he had never attended school before. His parents had arrived here many years ago and he and his younger sister were raised by their grandparents on a farm. He faced major adjustments with not just language and culture but he has a seizure disorder and he is cognitively impaired. He struggles in all academic areas and suffers from both short and long term memory deficits. The iPad has been a godsend in providing a resource for him to access appropriate material at his level both in and out of school. Using Agnitus to support his educational program, he has become so excited about school and learning that he asks to borrow my iPad so he can use Agnitus on nights and weekends after school.

Jayne Clare
Founder of Teachers with Apps and winner of the National School Board Association's
Top 20 in Tech to Watch.

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